Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chance Walking!!

Ok so after a huge hiatus, here is some video of little man walking.He has only been doing so for a month or so but it is still weird to see it.He is doing so well though that his physical therapist says we can take him down to every other week or even once a month for therapy!!!He also had a swallow study on Monday and we no longer have to thicken his food because he no longer aspirates when he eats.I think he is finally getting the hang of life!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Haircuts, Hospitals,Bubblewrap and Bad Japanese Dubbed Movies

So I decided to get the girls haircuts and it was one of the worst experiences of my life.And amazingly enough it was not their first time getting one.We get there and Sierra went first. Everything went well, she was good, and the haircut took little time.Then Ruby is up and all heck breaks loose.She refused to talk to the stylist and wouldn't get into the chair.After I physically placed her there she whined like a baby and then threw a fit.I finally had to threaten her with taking away her baby dolls and she was quiet.But she still would not talk to the stylist and wouldn't obey what she was told to do with her head.So what was then end result?They ended cutting it shorter than I wanted because she wouldn't sit still.Then Ruby freaked out because she said it was too short and was totally mean to the poor woman who did it.Needless to say they can wait for a haircut til daddy comes home.:) By the way Sierra's eyes look totally freaky in this picture>

I was also supposed to have surgery yesterday but the hospital ran out of beds so I waited there all day for nothing and get to go back and try again tomorrow.But I was going thru our pictures and found the bubblewrap video which I took a week ago and realized next time I am in need of stress relief I am going to get a ton of bubblewrap and have at it since it looks so enjoyable so if I get bumped from surgery tomorrow I am totally going to go to the UPS store and buy as much of it as I can afford and go to it!!!

Also I thought I would add the video of Chance here at the bottom.He babbles a ton and I took some video for Jacob, well when I downloaded it ,the soundtrack was all messed up and I got a bad Japanese movie instead so I thought I would add it for your enjoyment.As for us We will see what happens tomorrow and hopefully I will get some more pics and video on here soon.As for now, Ta Ta.